Gift Card

Payment Registration Pro > Configuration

The Payment Registration Pro module is pre integrated with Gava Systems ( for Gift, Loyalty and Membership Card activation and management.

To enable giftcards, navigate to the Registration module and select "Setup" from the Registration Admin Menu:

The following is a screenshot of the Gift, Loyalty and Membership Card activation settings:

Enable Gift Card – Enables real time Gift Card or Membership Card processing.

Membership Length (days) – Allows you to configure the number of days to configure the Gift, Loyalty or Membership Card for. The membership days parameter is sent to the Gava Systems web service and loads the card in real time.

The Gift, Loyalty and Membership Card feature can be used in the following:


  • Gift Cards
  • Loyalty Cards
  • Membership Cards
  • Prepaid Cards

This feature can also be integrated with virtually any POS, PMS, CRM, or Retail system.

Management Systems

  • Linkage of dissimilar systems within one or multiple venues (a One Card Solution – OCS) to provide a robust integrated prepaid, gift or loyalty system over your entire enterprise
  • Any application where you assign a unique number or card to members

The module was built using a flexible architecture means implementation with virtually any application or web service for creating cards keys is possible. If you would like a quote to customize or integrate the module with another vendor or 3rd party web service please contact us and our trained staff of professional consultants will be happy to discuss custom solutions for your business.