Payment Registration Pro > Management

To Manage, Add, Edit or Delete Categories, navigate to the Registration module, hover over Products on the Registration Admin Menu then select the Categories option as depicted in the following screenshot:

After selecting Categories the following Manage Categories screen will be displayed:

To add a new Category click the Add Category button:

Key in all the Category info such as the Sort Order and Category Name.

The following settings are available to be configured for Categories:

Sort Order - The sort order field controls the order in which the categories are displayed in the product catalog. Enter a numeric number from 1 to 999. The product categories will be sorted in ascending order by the sort order field.

Parent Category - The parent category is used to define subcategories and nested sub categories. If you do not select a parent category and leave the dropdown as “Root Level” then you are defining a top level category. If you choose a parent category from the dropdown list you are defining a subcategory or a sub sub category, etc.

Category Name - Enter the product category that you wish to add in the Category Name field.

Start Date - Select the date to start showing this category.

End Date - Select the date to hide the display of this category.

Click the Save button when finished.

Edit Category

To edit a Category from the Manage Categories page, click the pencil next to the Category:

Delete Category

To delete a Category, click the Delete button next to one or more Categories: