Advanced Search for RazorCart

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The Advanced Search module can be placed in any pane on any page and allows you to search products in your catalog using custom dropdowns, categories and keywords.  To see an example of the advanced search module working with car parts (year make model search) click here

Adding the Advanced Search Module to a Page

First, navigate to the page you would like to add the Advanced Search to. Then, hover over the modules option in the admin menu and select "Add New Module."
Find the Search module in the list and drag it to the position you would like it to be in on the page:
When you add the Advanced Search, it will automatically add four separate search modules. You will now need to configure the settings for each Search Module:
Store ID - Select the store you want this Advanced Search to be active for. This is easy if you only have one store, and still easy if you have multiples!
Search Results Page - Select the page you would like the search results displayed on. The Search Results module is added to the same page as the Advanced Search by default, but you can change this if necessary. 
Product Grid Page - Select the page you are using for the Product Grid module, if you are using the Product Grid.
Enable Collapse - Select this option to allow the Advanced Search to collapse into a title only.
Start Collapsed - Select this option to have the Advanced Search collapsed by default. 
Category Source - Select the source for the category drilldown in the Advanced Search module.
Show Sub Categories - Enable this option to allow users to filter by subcategory.
Enable Price Filtering - Enable this option to allow users to search and filter by product price.
Store ID - Select the store you want this Advanced Search form to be active for. This is easy if you only have one store, and still easy if you have multiples!
Product Details Page - Select the page that you have added the RazorCart Product Details module to. 

Search Results

Users can enter any variety of keywords to search your products. The keywords are based on product name and description. In the product setup screen, there is a tab to enter additional keywords such as common misspellings so that users can find what they are looking for. The Search Results module will return searches based on keywords and Advanced Search filtering. 


Saved Search

If a user is logged in, they have the ability to save a search to come back to at a later date.
Once the search is saved, it will show up in the Saved Search module for that specific user.
You now have all of the tools you need to use the Advanced Search Module in your eCommerce store. If you have any questions, please feel free to Contact Us.