Product Language Localization

RazorCart > Products

In the Product Setup area you can localize the dynamic database driven product data stored in the database such as Product NameSummaryTabs 1-5 and Description fields 1-5 for each product in your catalog. These are important features that enable your product catalog to be displayed in different languages depending on the Language selected in DNN.

To manage Product Localization, navigate to the Product Setup screen by selecting Products from the RazorCart admin console.

Then, click the edit button on the product you wish to modify.



Next, click the "Localization" tab and the following screen will be displayed:




Select your language and product from the dropdown lists, populate the tab name and description fields 1-5 and click save. The tab name and description fields are displayed on the product details page.

Congratulations, your product data is now localized!