Text Styles

By default the cart will use the css styles for the skin and containers you have installed in your portal.  If you want to override your skin styles in the cart you can do so by modifying the css styles in the module.css.  The module.css files are located off your portal root in the \desktopmodules\smith* folders.
Here are a few of the common styles you can customize.
  • .SmithProdText
  • .SmithProdTextLrg
  • .SmithTitle
  • .SmithLargeTitle
  • .SmithCartTitle
  • .SmithBold
  • .SmithLargeBold
  • .SmithItalics
  • .SmithItalicsSmall
  • .SmithPriceStrike
  • .SmithRedMsg
  • .SmithRequiredText
  • .SmithRedMsgBold
  • .SCErrorMsg
  • .InvoiceTitle
  • .LeadTime
  • .ProductList
  • .scText
  • .Step1Head

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