Affiliate Marketing Setup

SmithCart’s open architecture allows you to integrate your store with any advertising network you choose. Advertising networks like Commission Junction and Share A Sale enables a network of highly motivated sales experts to promote your products to all of their visitors - through websites, email newsletters, and loyal customer bases. You can choose to set up your program to pay on a percentage of a sale (pay-per-sale), a pay-per-lead basis (PPL or CPA), or a pay-per-click.
To configure your affiliate settings,navigate to the store admin menu and select "Store Settings":
Scroll down to the "Affiliate Marketing" section and expand the panel as follows:
Merchant ID – Enter the Merchant ID for your affiliate network.  Commission Junction and Share a Sale are examples of affiliate/advertising networks.
Affiliate URL - Enter the Affiliate URL for your affiliate network.  
Affiliate URL Tokens - The following tokens are supported in the Affiliate URL:
[ORDERID] – Smith Cart Order ID
[ORDERTOTAL] – The total sale amount of the order
[MERCHANTID] - The Merchant ID for your affiliate network
[SKULIST] – A comma separated list of skus for each line item ordered
[PRICELIST] - A comma separated list of the product unit cost for each line item ordered
[QTYLIST] - A comma separated list of the quantity ordered for each line item


The following is an example “Affiliate URL” with tokens for the Share a Sale ( advertising network:[ORDERTOTAL]&tracking=[ORDERID]&transtype=Sale&merchantID=[MERCHANTID]&skulist=[SKULIST]&pricelist=[PRICELIST]&quantitylist=[QTYLIST]

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