Manage Customers

To manage your customers, navigate to the BuyNow module and select "Customers" from the admin menu:


The Manage Customers screen will be displayed:

The manage customers screen displays a grid view listing of your customers for quick viewing and by default is sorted by last name, first name.




The Keyword Search allows searching for customers by any keyword and supports partial matches.  

Simply enter your search term and click to the “Search” button and the customer grid will filter on the criteria you entered.

To remove the filter and show all orders click the “Clear” button.




You can sort the Customers listing grid by any of the fields listed in the header column by clicking the Header name.  If you click the column heading in the grid it will sort on the field heading clicked in ascending order, if you click the column heading again the grid will sort in descending order on the field heading clicked.



Add Customer

To add a new customer click the "Add Customers" button.

On the Add Customer screen enter the Customer Information Details

After entering the Customer Information Details click the “Save” button to save the Customer.

If the Customer was saved correctly the following message will be displayed:



Edit Customer

To edit or view the details of an existing Customer, click the pencil next to the desired customer:

The customer details page will be displayed:

Make any desired changes and click the “Save” button to save your changes.



Delete Customer

To delete a customer, check the box next to one or more customers and click the "delete" button:



Customer Notes

The customer detail page allows you to enter an unlimited number of notes about a customer. This is useful for customer service to log conversations with customers.



Customer Ship To Addresses

The customer detail page allows you to manage an unlimited number of customer ship to addresses.


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