Custom Product Fields

Smith Cart provides the ability to define unlimited custom product fields for products in your store. Custom product fields are used specifically in the following areas of the cart:

  1. Product Details module - displayed in tabs
  2. Advanced Search module
  3. Product Compare module
  4. Product Grid module


Creating custom product fields involves the following two steps:

  1. Create custom product field templates.
  2. Copy your custom product field templates to products.



Custom Product Template Fields

Custom product template fields are a master set of custom product fields that can be copied across many different products to save data entry time.

To manage product field templates, navigate to the BuyNow module and from the "Setup" menu select "Product Fields":



The following screen will be displayed:



Click on the “Add Field Template” button and following screen will be displayed:



Field Definitions:

Field label – defines the label for the custom field

Control type dropdown list – Provides the ability to define values for dropdown lists, radio buttons and checkboxes.

Values – Defines the available values for the control you selected.

Share – The share flag allows you to share product template fields among multiple instances of the Smith BuyNow module.

Enter your custom field data and click the “Save” button to save.


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Edit Product Template Fields

To edit or view the details of an existing product template field, click the pencil next to the desired row.


Delete Product Template Fields

To delete a product template field, click the trash can newt to the desired row.

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Custom Product Fields

To manage custom product fields, navigate to the BuyNow module and select "Products" from the admin menu:




From the “Manage Products” screen, edit a product to load the product setup screen. From the product setup screen select “Custom Fields” from the “Products” submenu.



After you click “Custom Fields” the following screen is displayed:




From the Custom Field Manager screen you can either copy the template fields to the product that you have already created or you can add new custom fields.

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Copy Template Fields To Product

To copy the template fields to the product click on the “Product Template Fields” tab as follows:



A. Click on the “Product Template Fields” tab

B. Select the template fields to copy to your product.

C. Click “Copy Product Template Fields” to copy the selected fields to your product.

After you click the “Copy Product Template Fields” button you will see the new custom fields added to your product as follows:

In addition to the populating the values for the custom fields the admin can also enter the “Tab Name” that the custom fields will be displayed in. The custom fields will appear in the tabbed interface on the product details page so the user can view the custom product information.

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