PayPal Payflow Pro

Smith Cart contains fully-integrated support for the PayPal PayFlow Pro (formerly VeriSign) payment service.  Payflow Pro is a payment gateway solution that can be used with any Internet Merchant Account to process credit card transactions online.
Note:  If you are using Payflow Pro with PayPal as your Internet Merchant Account to process credit card transactions you should use PayPal Website Payments Pro.  See section D above for a description of PayPal Website Payments Pro.
1.  Obtain a PayPal PayFlow Pro Account.  In order to use PayPal PayFlow Pro, you must have a PayFlow Pro account and a compatible internet merchant account.   If you don't already have a merchant account, you can obtain both a merchant account and a PayFlow Pro account through Smith Consulting by calling 949-829-3020.
To sign up for a PayFlow Pro account:
  1. Go to and click the I would like to create a new account link near the bottom of the page.
  2. Provide the required information. They will ask you for information about your business, primary contact, billing contact, and merchant bank and processor. You may want to have this information ready before you begin the sign-up process.
2.  To configure Smith Cart to use your PayPal PayFlow Pro account to process payments in real-time, complete the following steps:
  1. In Smith Cart, Select the payment gateway option from the dropdown labeled PayPal Payflow Pro
  2. Merchant Login - Enter your PayFlow Pro Merchant Login. If you don't know your Merchant Login, contact your PayFlow Pro account representative.
  3. User - Enter the user name you use to log in to your PayFlow Pro account.   
  4. Partner - Enter your PayFlow Pro Partner ID. If you don't know your Partner ID, contact your PayFlow Pro account representative.
Password - Enter the password for your PayFlow Pro account.


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