Product Search

There are 3 different ways to search for products in your store.
  1. The default DNN search that is usually included in the header area of your skin.  SmithCart products are automatically indexed by theDNN iSearchable interface so all your products are indexed and searchable using the regular DNN search facility.
  2. Product Listing Search in the BuyNow module.  To turn on the search on your product listing page go to your BuyNow settings, product list section and check the box to show search.
  3. The Smith Advanced Search module which is an add on module to SmithCart.  The advanced search module can be configured to display the following search options:
    1. Dropdown lists of custom product keywords. 
    2. Keyword search textbox that allows the user to search products by keyword.
    3. Category dropdown list
Please Note: For options 2 and 3 above, Smith Cart also provides the ability to enter additional product search keys that are searchable from the product listing page search box. This is useful if you would like to have products searchable on words that do not show up in the product name, sku, summary or description or they can be used for product associations or common misspellings.

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