To Manage, Add, Edit or Delete Categories, navigate to the Registration module, hover over Products on the Registration Admin Menu then select the Categories option as depicted in the following screenshot:

After selecting Categories the following Manage Categories screen will be displayed:

To add a new Category click the Add Category button:

Key in all the Category info such as the Sort Order and Category Name.

The following settings are available to be configured for Categories:

Sort Order - The sort order field controls the order in which the categories are displayed in the product catalog. Enter a numeric number from 1 to 999. The product categories will be sorted in ascending order by the sort order field.

Parent Category - The parent category is used to define subcategories and nested sub categories. If you do not select a parent category and leave the dropdown as “Root Level” then you are defining a top level category. If you choose a parent category from the dropdown list you are defining a subcategory or a sub sub category, etc.

Category Name - Enter the product category that you wish to add in the Category Name field.

Start Date - Select the date to start showing this category.

End Date - Select the date to hide the display of this category.

Click the Save button when finished.

Edit Category

To edit a Category from the Manage Categories page, click the pencil next to the Category:

Delete Category

To delete a Category, click the Delete button next to one or more Categories:

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