Editing HTML Page Templates

Most of the time you can design your registration form completely using the drag and drop form editor.  However, their may be times where you wish to modify the HTML directly.  The HTML Page template manager allows you to customize the following items using HTML code:
  • Product Layouts
  • Registration Forms
To access the html template editor, navigate the menu as follows:

The following screen will then be displayed:
Add Page Template – Click the Add Page Template button.

You will see the following screen:
Name - Select the Template Type Name to modify.  The product multi and single column templates are only used if you select the "Product Grid" option in the form builder.  See the following screen shot from the form builder edit product layout dialog box:
The "registration form template" type option is used if you need to modify the html generated by the form builder.  Please note, most of your forms can be created and modified completely using the form builder.  
Tip – Cut and paste the html from the window to your favorite html editor for full screen viewing and color coding. Customize the HTML to your desired layout and CSS styling.
Saving - Click the Submit button to save your template.  The template will be saved in your Portals\0\SmithRegPro\Templates folder.

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