Authorize.Net Silent Postback URL

The Silent Post URL feature allows the Registration Pro module to receive notification messages from the Authorize.Net payment gateway regarding Automated Recurring Billing (ARB) transaction status.  

How it works

The registration module sends the recurring billing transaction to Authorize.Net and creates and ARB transaction. does the recurring billing to the customer's credit card after that. The module has a silent postback feature where notifies the module if a credit card declines and removes the user from the role they were added to when they originally purchased.  


Step 1:  Go to the admin menu and select "Setup"


Step 2:  Scroll down to the “Payment Setup” section

Save the URL circled above to your clipboard.

Step 3:  Authorize.Net Setup

Go to the Authorize.Net website and login using your userid and password.
To add or edit a silent post URL at Authorize.Net:
1.  Log into the Merchant Interface at
2.  Click Settings under Account in the main menu on the left
3.  Click Silent Post URL in the Transaction Format Settings section
4.  Enter the secondary URL to which you would like the payment gateway to copy the transaction response
5.  Click Submit
If an ARB credit card transaction for one of your portal members declines for any reason (NSF, card expired, etc.) a silent post message will be sent from Authorize.Net to your portal and received by the registration module.  The transaction details regarding the declined transaction will be stored to the database and the user will be removed from the DNN role they were added to when they registered.  

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