Multi Portal / Multi Store

The Multi Portal / Multi Store settings allow control of your store functions across multiple BuyNow module instances and DNN Portals.

To configure Multi Portal / Multi Store settings, navigate to the BuyNow module and select "Setup" from the admin menu:
Scroll down to the "Multi Portal / Multi Store" section and expand the panel.

Cross Portal Share Type – Enables cross portal sharing of stores, orders, products, etc. between parent and child portals. The following two options are available in the “Cross Portal Share Type” dropdown list:

  • Master Portal –When a portal is selected as the “Master Portal it becomes the master with the ability to view and manage all orders from parent Portal and all orders from child portals defined with a “Cross Portal Share Type” of “Child Portal”.
  • Child Portal –When this option is selected on your child portal it will enable the following functionality in your child portal:
    • The child portal will share the same store (categories and products) as the parent portal defined with a Cross Portal Share Type of “Master Portal”.
    • The ability to check to see how many orders came from their portal (view only).
    • All orders in the child portal will show up in Parent Portal manage order detail screen.

Store Admin Role –This multi store feature allows you to assign a different role for each store in your portal. Select the role you want to have admin permission to this store.

Admin Orders By Store – When enabled, customers, orders and payments will seperate by BuyNow module. User's with admin permissions will have the option to display all customers, orders and payments.

Checkout By Store – When checked, the user will only be allowed to checkout from one store (BuyNow module) at a time. Enforced on add to cart.

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