Registrations and Payments

To access the Payments screen, navigate to the Registration module the select the Payments option from the Registration Admin Menu as depicted in the following screenshot:

After selecting Payments the following Registrations and Payments screen will be displayed:

The Registrations and Payments screen displays a grid view listing of your Registrations and Payments for quick viewing and by default is sorted by descending order of Date Created.

From the Registrations and Payments page you can:

Search Registrations and Payments

The Search Payments options can be found at the top of the Registrations and Payments screen:

By default, the Registrations and Payments screen is set up to show you all of your Registrations and Payments and by default is sorted showing newest orders first.

The Search Payments section allows you to search and/or filter Registrations and Payments in the following ways:

  • By Date Range
  • Keyword Search
  • Sorting the Grid

Search Payments by Date Range

To filter Payments by Date Range just click on the text box for From Date and To Date and choose the date range you want and then click the Search button and the Payments grid will filter all the Registrations and Payments by date range on the Pay Date field.

Search Payments by Keyword

The Keyword Search allows searching for Payments based on the information displayed in the grid.

Simply enter the identifying information in the Search textbox and click the Search button and the Payments grid will filter on the criteria you entered.

To remove the filter and show all orders click the Clear button.

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Sorting the Payments Grid

You can sort the Payments listing grid by any of the fields listed in the header column by clicking the Header name – Pay ID, Pay Date, First Name, Last Name, Pay Method, Amount, Status, and DNN Login.

If you click the column heading in the grid it will sort on the field heading clicked in ascending order, if you click the column heading again the grid will sort in descending order on the field heading clicked.

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Manage Registration and Payment Details

To view the order detail and payment history of a specific order, click the Pay ID next to the Payment:

Once an Order has been selected from the Payments list the following screen will be displayed:

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Delete Registrations and Payments

To Delete Payments check the checkbox next to the Payment then click the Delete button located above the Payment listing grid.

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Export Payments

To Export Payments simply click the Export button located above the Payment listing grid.

When the Export button is clicked, a csv file will be downloaded containing the data listed in the Payment grid.

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