Upgrading SmithCart

Are you thinking about upgrading your shopping cart to the latest release? If you want to take advantage of bug fixes and new features, upgrading SmithCart is the best solution. When you upgrade, you also receive a security patches which provides a level of protection for your ecommerce site
If Smith Consulting is hosting your store, SmithCart upgrades are included by request at no cost. To request an upgrade of your store, please submit a ticket to our Premium Support Department. For more information about our hosting options, see the eCommerce Hosting Services page.
To Upgrade Your Smith Shopping Cart:
  1. Back up your DNN portal and database

  2. Log into smith-consulting.com

  3. Download the latest SmithCart package from the Downloads page

  4. Log into your site as either HOST or another superuser level account

  5. Install the SmithCart just like you would install any other DNN module. 

  6. You SmithCart upgrade is now complete!
If you have any problems with upgrading your store or you would like the SC team to upgrade your store, our upgrade service is available. Please see Module Installation Service for more information.
  • When upgrading, it is always recommended that you first do the upgrade in a test environment and make sure you have a full backup before installing on your live site in case you need to rollback.

  • All the original files will be replaced during the upgrade. If you have made customizations to the original files that you would like to save please make sure you backup those files before deleting.

  • If you are upgrading from any version under 5.28 to any version of SmithCart v.5.30+, please be aware that you will be required to request a new license key, as your old keys will no longer be active. We will need to verify your Order ID to determine if you are in the 3 month upgrade window, or running the maintenance plan. If you need to purchase an upgrade, please email our Sales Team.

  • If you upgrade your store and you are getting an error on the Product List or Product Details pages, please take the following steps to resolve this issue:
    1. From the store admin menu, click on the page template button to go into the page template editor and delete all your page templates.

    2. In file explorer, navigate to your \portals\[portalid]\smithcart\templates folder

    3. Delete all the files in the \portals\[portalid]\smithcart\templates folder

    4. Reset iis and restart the application from the dnn host menu

    5. Go to page and see if the error is resolved.

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