Manage Products

To manage your products navigate to the BuyNow module and click "Products" from the admin menu:


The manage products page will be displayed:


Sorting Products

To sort products simply drag and drop the product to the desired location.


Add Products

To add a new product click the "Add Product" button


Key in all the required fields of the product such as the product name, unit cost and quantity on hand.

Click the “Save” button when finished



Edit Products

To edit a Product from the Manage Products page, click the pencil next to the product.

You can edit a product from any of the following screens:

  1. Manage Products
  2. Product Listing Page
  3. Product Details

You can edit products when logged on as a portal admin or a user in the "SCManageProducts" role.

Click here for a complete description of all the product setup fields and options.



Delete Products

To delete a product, check the box next to one or more products and click the "delete" button:


The following product options are available to be configured (See product setup screen for a full list):

  • Product Tax
  • Product Coupons
  • Booking Products
  • Product Downloads
  • Bundled Products
  • Recurring Billing
  • Product Clone
  • Product Categories
  • Product Images


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