Search Module

The Business Directory Search Module can be placed on any page and pane in your portal.  The search module allows users to search for directory listings by Category and Keyword.  The following is a screen shot the Search and Search Results modules after they are added and configured on a page:
Enter your search criteria and click the search button and directory listings that meet the criteria entered will be displayed.
The search by keyword field will do a wildcard search on all listing fields including all custom fields that you have defined in the custom form generator.
Note:  If you do not enter any criteria in the textbox and click the search button, all the listings will be returned.
The search results screen has paging built in that allows the user to scroll forward and backward through the listings.

Filtering Listings by Category Using the Query String

The search module allows you to filter listings by category by passing the category id in the querystring. 
For example:
When the category id is passed in the querystring the listings are filtered by category. 
This feature will allow you to create your own separate category page or module of links or images similar to craigslist or


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