Add a Currency Symbol

SmithCart comes prepopulated with many currency symbols however you may have the need to add additional currency symbols for different countries that you are doing business with. The currency symbol, selected in the Store Settings, is used during checkout and on order management screens. Additionally, the cart uses these settings to set the proper local and currency for the payment gateway, tax setup and shipping configuration.
The following steps will allow you to create a new currency for your SmithCart store currency list:
Step 1: Open up Currency.xml located in your \DesktopModules\Smith.BuyNow\Xml folder
Step 2:  Locate the <root> tag. Each <option> tag within the <root> tag defines a currency option. The “Value” attribute defines the currency using the Microsoft Language Culture Names. A list of Language Culture Names are available at the following link: Table of Language Culture Names, Codes, and ISO Values Method [C++]
Step 3:  Add a new <option> tag  for the new currency symbol making sure that you replace the “Value” attribute and “Text” property with the currency applicable to the country you are adding.
For Example: The following would be added to add the African Rand
<option Value="en-za" Text="South Africa Rand - R" />
Step 4:  Save your changes

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