Registration Pro Integration

Billing Manager and Registration Pro are integrated together via the invoice.  The following flowchart illustrates how the two modules work together:

1.  Create the Invoice - An accounting or operations person at your business creates the invoice for a customer in Billing Manager.  Email the invoice to the customer using the DNN scheduler or from the manage invoices screen.
2.  Pay the Invoice - The customer receives the invoice via email and clicks the link in the email to pay their invoice.  A browser window opens up to a page on your DNN site with the registration module.  The invoice number is passed in the URL and the     registration module automatically retrieves the invoice and amount and displays to the user.  
3.  Mark as Paid - The customer enters their credit card number and clicks the submit button to pay their invoice.  After they click the submit button the invoice is marked as "Paid" and the user and admin receive a confirmation email that the invoice was paid.
4.  Create an Invoice - If no invoice was passed in the URL to the registration module, then the registration module will automatically create a new invoice using the information entered by the customer during checkout.  
In Billing Manager, Customer Service Reps can add/edit/delete payments and process thru the payment gateway if desired.  
Supports the following payment methods
  • Credit Card
  • Check
  • PO
  • Cash
  • Telephone
  • Bill Me Later

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