Manage Order Details

The Manage Order Details page shows you important information about your orders such as which products were ordered and the quantity of each, the discounts applied if used, the shipping costs, tax, and totals. You can also resend the order confirmation emails.




From the Manage Order Details page, you can:

  • View an order's status
  • View and edit details about the order
  • View the Order history
  • Print an Order Invoice
  • Manage Order Payments
  • Send Confirmation emails

To manage your orders, navigate to the Admin Menu and click on the orders button.



To view the order detail and payment history of a specific order, click the pencil next to the order:



Once an Order has been selected from the Manage Orders list the following screen will be displayed:



Click here to view a description of all the order statuses

All the fields in the Order Detail screen above are available to edit, enter the new value for the field you wish to edit and click the “Save” button to save your changes.

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Add Order Details

To add a new detail item to the order click the “Add” button:


Select the Product of your choice. (To add a new product, see Manage Products kb article)



Enter Order Details Info such as the Quantity, and Unit Cost.



Click the “Save” button to save.

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Edit/Delete Order Details

Check the box next to the line item you wish to edit. Then click the edit button.


Make the changes to the order and click the “Save” button to save your changes.


Delete Order Details

To delete check the box next to the record(s) you wish to delete and click the “Delete” button.


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Send Email

Order confirmation emails are automatically sent after the customer places an order.  If you want to re send the email or send the customer shipping or status update you can do that from the order details screen.

The following email types are available to select from when using the Send Email option from the Manage Product Details page:

  • Order Email
  • Shipping Email

To send an email, click the “Send Email” button.


The following screen will be displayed:


Select the email type you want to send and enter the From, CC and BCC.  Note, these fields are all optional.  

Click the "Send Email" button to send the email to the customer.  Note, the store admin will be CC'd on all emails.

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Print Order Invoice

Click the “Print” button to view the order invoice.


A PDF invoice will be displayed.

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Order Payments

Before you ship an order make sure that you have received payment for an order or collect payment from your customer from the Payments tab located on the Manage Order Details screen.



The Payments tab allows the following:

  • Adding a New Payment
  • Edit an existing Payment
  • Deleting a Payment
To learn about adding orders please see the Adding an Order section of the Manage Orders KB article.
To add a Payment to your new Store Order, please see the Order Payments section for more info.

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