The Skipjack payment gateway is very simple to setup. To enable SkipJack you will need to provide both the HTML and the developer serial numbers given to you with your merchant account.


Getting Started

To get started, you will first need an SkipJack account. If you don't have one, you can go to to sign up. After this is done, follow the steps below.


Obtain API Credentials

To process a payment thru SkipJack, you must obtain your API credentials. You'll need the following info:

  • HTML Serial Number
  • Developer Serial Number

During your initial sign up with SkipJack, you will be given a series of credentials to enter in your store. These include a merchant account number, an HTML serial and a developer serial number. You will only need the HTML serial number and the developer serial number.

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Payment Gateway Configuration

To configure your Payment Gateway, you only need to do 2 things; navigate to the Payment Setup and enter your Payment Gateway credentials.

First, navigate to the Payment Setup section of the module:

Select the SkipJack option from the Payment Gateway dropdown:

The following fields will be displayed:

Enter your Payment Gateway Credentials:

  • HTML Serial Number: Obtained in the initial Skipjack signup.
  • Developer Serial Number: Obtained in the initial Skipjack signup.

Save the settings

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