Built to suit online businesses of all sizes, the TransFirst payment gateway lets merchants accept multiple payment types in real time. Offering hosted payment pages, shopping cart options, PCI compliancy and detailed reporting, TransFirst is a great choice for SmithCart store owners.

If you decide that TransFirst is the ideal payment gateway to meet your needs, Smith Consulting can help you integrate your account seamlessly into your online store. With our help, accepting credit card payments is simple and hassle free and we’ll make sure everything is fully setup and functional to avoid unnecessary errors and complications.


Getting Started

To get started, you will first need an TransFirst account. If you don't have one, you can go to http://www.transfirst.com/online-processing/payment-gateway to sign up. After this is done, follow the steps below.


Obtain API Credentials

To process a payment thru TransFirst, you must obtain your API credentials. You'll need the following info:

  • Merchant ID
  • RegKey

To obtain your API credentials take the following steps:

  1. Check your inbox for email from Transfirst
    Note: Check your spam folder for anything from @transfirst.com
  2. Your MerchantID (TC ID) is below 'Your Account Information' and will be numbers, for example 54442
  3. Your RegKey Value will need to be obtained by contacting the merchant support team at (800) 654-9256. Tell them you are setting up your SmithCart account and they will send the request to integrations.

    The integrations team will then call you and run a quick test transaction and issue your RegKey. SmithCart always works so this process happens very quickly.

    The RegKey will be alpha-numeric, for example S6GMBE8TJPH9EYPG
  4. Make a note of these as you will need to enter this information under the Gateway setup.

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Payment Gateway Configuration

To configure your Payment Gateway, you only need to do 2 things; navigate to the Payment Setup and enter your Payment Gateway credentials.

First, navigate to the Payment Setup section of the module:

Select the TransFirst option from the Payment Gateway dropdown:

The following fields will be displayed:

Enter your Payment Gateway Credentials:

  • Merchant ID: The Merchant ID obtained in the previous step.
  • RegKey: The Regkey obtained in the previous step.

Save the settings

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