DIBs FlexWin (Bank Hosted)

Our modules use the DIBS FlexWin (Hosted) method.


Getting Started

To get started, you will first need an DIBS account. If you don't, you can go to http://www.dibspayment.com/solutions to sign up.

You can also sign up for a Free Test Account at the following link: http://www.dibspayment.com/demo-signup

After this is done, follow the steps below.


Administration Setup

DIBS offers a single administration interface. You can login at the following link: https://payment.architrade.com/login/login.action

Your Shops IP Address need to be configured. Go to Integration > Shop IP and enter the server's IP address. If you want to find out what your server IP address is, you can use a 'ping command'.

IP number

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Obtain API Credentials

To process a payment thru the DIBS Payment Window, you must obtain your API credentials. You'll need the following info:

  • MerchantID
  • Key 1
  • Key 2

Your DIBS merchant ID can be found in the DIBS Administration [Setup-->Edit profile]. The ID can also be found on the DIBS invoices and in the DIBS welcome email.

In order to find your find Key 1 and Key 2, go to Integration > MD5 Keys. Check the “Perform MD5 control” and click “Update”.

MD5 Keys will then be displayed as depicted in the following screenshot:

Make a note of the two MD5 keys, because you need to enter them in the Payment Setup later.

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Payment Gateway Configuration

To configure your Payment Gateway, you only need to do 2 things; navigate to the Payment Setup and enter your Payment Gateway credentials.

First, navigate to the Payment Setup section of the module:

Select the DIBs FlexWin - Bank Hosted option from the Payment Gateway dropdown:

The following fields will be displayed:

Enter your Payment Gateway Credentials:

  • Merchant ID: Merchant ID found in DIBs Administration as outlined in the previous step.
  • Key 1: K1 MD5 Key generated and acquired in the previous step.
  • Key 2: K2 MD5 Key generated and acquired in the previous step.

Save the settings

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