Getting started with SmithCart POS

Installing the POS app

SmithCart POS app is currently available on iTunes App Store for iPad & iPhone devices and also available on the Google Play Store for any Android devices 2.3.3 and above.

iOS device: Download from App Store

Android device: Download from Google Play

Enabling the RESTful API

The Smith RESTful Service (Application Programming Interface) allows web, desktop and mobile applications to be integrated and communicated with the SmithCart online store, this API service must be configured within your store in order to authenticate and retrieve/update the store data. for more information see: Enabling & Configuring REST API

SmithCart POS uses Resource Owner Password Credentials Grant

App Settings

To configure the settings, navigate to the menu pane in your app and select Settings.
You will see the following settings:

1. Store Settings

Store URL: Enter you domain address including http/https prefix.

Username: A DNN username that has an Administrators role.

Password: The DNN user password.

Client ID: To generate a Client ID go to > Store Setup menu > License/API Keys > API Keys tab and click Add. You can read more about this here: Enabling & Configuring REST API

Data Limit: Retrieving data list from the Endpoints(List Orders, Products, Customers or Payments) must be limited to a max-number for the returned records.

2. Payment Gateway Settings

The following settings are required to enable credit card payments in your app. 

Merchant Gateway ID: After you sign up with Merchant Account you will receive a Gateway Credentials.

Merchant RegKey: Your registration key associated with the Merchant ID.

Test Mode: For testing proposes only, enabling this option will NOT charge any swiped card.


3. Tax & Shipping Settings

Configure the following settings to set a tax rate for your transactions.

Local Tax Percentage: Leave blank if you would like to use the Online Store value.


4. Products Settings

Product details and image will be synced with the Store (variants and price options will be available within the app).


Here you can change the products display at startup (Gallery or List view).


5. Printer Settings

Configure the following setting for your printer if you have one.

Printer URL/IP: Specify the web-based receipt printer IP address.

App Screens

1. Dashboard

* See your daily, weekly monthly order statistics.
* Graphical chart by your order status.

2. Orders

* List and check your order details and purchased products.
* Change your order status.

3. Products

* List and search your store products, with two types of view (List & Gallery views).
* Add items to Cart.
* Supports product variants and conditional variants.
* Product details screen.

4. Customers

* List and search your registered DNN customers.
* Customer details screen.

5. Cart & Checkout

* Add products to the cart and complete an order right away with your customer's credit card or cash payments.
* Securely charge your customers and complete an order so easy.
* Print or email receipt.


Hardware Components

1. ID Tech UniPay - Card Reader

2. TSP650II WebPRNT - Thermal Receipt Printer

For more details see: SmithCart - Point of Sale


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