Zendesk Implementation

SmithCart has a built-in Custom Events which you can use to call your own service once your customer completed an order, the following example will create a Zendesk Ticket when the event "OnCheckoutComplete" triggered. the example uses the Zendesk REST API more info at: https://developer.zendesk.com/rest_api/docs/core/tickets
1. Enabling the Event
a. From the BuyNow module Setup menu open the Store Settings link.
b. Scroll down to the Custom Events section and check "Enable OnCheckout Complete Event (Web Service)".
c. Type in your Web Service URL: the default module folder name is "SmithEventHandler" therefore your default URL will be:
Replace mydomain.com with your domain name, when the event triggered SmithCart will replace the tokens OrderID with the customer's completed order Id and OrderDetailIDs with comma separated Id's of the order items
2. Building and Deploying the Event Handler
a. Download and build the SmithCart.EventHandler VS Project for Zendesk Implementation.
b. Deploy the DLL file into your DNN bin folder.
3. Testing the Web Service
After you deploy the dll file you may want to see if the web service you just build is working, to do that you may call your web service Url using any web browser or any Http Request tool, if you want also to debug the project you will have to add this project to a solution with an executable startup project.

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