Follow these steps to reconcile credit card payments submitted from your RazorCart or RegPro module and processed by
  1. RazorCart & RegPro record transaction information by date and time (A day begins at 12:00am and ends 11:59pm)
  2. is only a payment gateway. It batches payments and processes through funds to your merchant bank
  3. Submit Date in = Create Date in RazorCart Report
  4. Settlement Date in = Date pushed to your merchant bank Set Up:
  1. Set the Transaction Cut off time to 11:59pm (your local time)
  2. Once you set your cut off time, the difference between your Submit Date & Settlement Date should be 12 hours.
Steps to Reconcile:
  1. In your RazorCart module, run the report titled "Payment History by Date". Enter the date range for your reconciliation. Export to CSV and convert to an excel file.
  2. In, click on the tab for Reports. The only option available is to report by Settlement Date, which is one day at a time. Run this report for each day.
  3. Reconcile the daily Settlement report against the RazorCart payment history report. Although the report will only report by day, it is a better practice to reconcile across a period of time. Compare the daily reports against a report over a period of time in RazorCart (ex: 2 weeks). This is because of the potential difference between Submit Date and when a payment actually settles (Settlement Date).
  4. Reconcile with your Merchant Bank.
See the following link for information on how to sync Authorize.Net and QuickBooks:

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