Email Templates

Email templates are used to create a custom email that is sent to the user & portal admin after a user completed registration.  To create/modify email templates, select the templates - email submenu as follows:
The following screen will then be displayed allowing you to click add and edit your Email Templates.
Add Email Templates -  Email Templates allows you to use a rich text editor to customize the subject and body of the registration confirmation emails that are automatically emailed after the user and portal admin after successfully registering using the registration module. After you select the add templates button the following screen will be displayed:
Name – This dropdown box is used when adding a new email template. The registration module supports two types of emails, user confirmation emails and administrator emails.
The user email is sent to the user after a successful registration to the portal. The administrator template is sent to the email address associated with the portal admin.
Subject - Enter the subject line for the email that will be sent out to either the user or the portal admin upon successful registration and payment.
Template - Enter the text for the body of the email that will be sent to the customer or portal admin upon successful registration and payment. As you can see the rich text editor is used for you to compose the body of your email. All the features of the rich text editor are supported.
Email Tokens - The following tokens can be entered in the email body to customize the email message.
**Custom Field names should match exactly with the field you have created, but be sure to remove any punctuation, such as a colon, from the end.
**Custom Field tokens only work on true custom fields. If you are renaming the standard fields, you will need to use the standard tokens.
You can access email token help directly from the email template editor by clicking on the "Email Token Help" link below the rich text editor.
When you are finished configuring your email templates click the “Submit” button at the bottom of your screen to save.

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