RazorCart Dashboard

Your dashboard is going to be your go-to spot for managing your eCommerce store. You can view statistics, manage orders and check notifications. 
From the Admin Menu in your DNN portal, select RazorCart admin console:
You can now view the dashboard of your store:

The dashboard will display New Orders, Unpaid Orders, Ready to ship orders as well as On Hold orders for the day. You can click on the links on each box in order to view orders in that status and drill down to the order details.

The summary statistics button is used to populate the data for the sales graph on your dashboard. 
By changing the summary statistics dropdown you can display the following sales order data in the graph above:
  • Daily Sales
  • Weekly Sales
  • Monthly Sales
  • Quarterly Sales
  • Yearly Sales
Your dashboard will also display your top 5 selling products, order notifications and recent transaction records. 

Customizing the Dashboard 

The order status boxes displayed at the top of the dashboard can be customized.  By default, the dashboard displays the following statuses; Open, Unpaid, Ready to Ship and On Hold. 
To customize the dashboard click on the gear icon as follows:
After you click the gear icon the following popup will be displayed:
To remove a status from the dashboard simply uncheck the checkbox next to the status.
To add a new status to the dashboard do the following:
1.  Check the checkbox next to the status you want to show on the dashboard.
2.  Click the color you want displayed for the status.
3. Enter the code for the icon you want.  For a list of all the icons and codes click here http://fontawesome.io/icons/
4. Enter the status in the querystring textbox (i.e. ?Search=Open)
5. Click "save" to save your changes.

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