Zone Shipping by Weight

Zone shipping by quantity allows you to create zones based on location and then build shipping fee tables based on weight and geographic zones.

Shipping Zones Setup

From the Admin Menu in your DNN portal, select RazorCart admin console:
You will be taken to the dashboard of your store. 
Select the Shipping tab under Store setup on the left hand side.
Once you are in the shipping settings, you will see the following screen. Select "Zone Shipping by Weight" from the radiobutton list.
Then, navigate to the shipping zone setup tab:
Click on the "Add Ship Zones" button.
Enter the Shipping Zone details then click the Save button to save the Shipping Zone or click Cancel to exit to the Add Shipping Zone screen.

Zone Shipping by Weight

The Zone Shipping Methods by Weight method allows you to charge a ship cost conditionally based on the total weight of the items in the cart.
Navigate to the "By Weight" tab in she shipping setup and click the Add Ship Cost button.
Select the shipping zone you would like to add a Ship Cost for and fill in the weight from/to information as well as the shipping cost. 
Be sure to save your settings. 
You now have all of the tools you need to configure shipping in your store! If you have any questions, please Contact Us.

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