Managing Orders

Understanding how orders work in RazorCart is an important part of running your business. After a customer places an order, it appears in the Orders area of RazorCart. You can also create orders manually in your RazorCart admin to record orders that you've made outside of RazorCart or to send your customers email invoices. You can make changes, add and delete orders. 


From the Admin Menu in your DNN portal, select RazorCart admin console:
You will be taken to the dashboard of your store. 
Select the Orders Tab on the left hand side.
You will see a list of all of the orders in your store.

Searching Orders

The Search Orders options can be found at the top of the Manage Orders screen. The Keyword Search allows searching for orders by keyword.  Simply enter your keyword in the textbox and click to the “Search” button and the order grid will filter on the criteria you entered.  To search by Order number prefix a "#" to your order number (i.e. #125).

Sorting Orders

You can sort the Orders table by the fields listed in the header column by clicking the arrows next to the Header name – Order ID, Order Date, Status, Order Total, etc.

Editing Orders

To edit an order, from the data grid that lists your Orders, click the “Edit” button.
You will see the Manage Order Details screen.

General Details

In the General Details section, you are able to modify the Order Status:
Bill Me Later - If you have configured your cart to allow the “Bill Me Later” payment method and the user selects this option during checkout the order will be saved with a “Bill Me Later” status.
Open - All successful orders are saved with an Open status. If you have configured your cart for real time credit card or eCheck using a payment gateway and the transaction is approved by the gateway the order will be saved with an “Open” status. If you are selling physical products, orders with an “Open” status need to be processed (shipped or picked up by the customer)
Ready to Ship - Ready To Ship indicates that payment has been verified and the order is ready to ship. After payment has been verified, change the status from “Open” to “Ready To Ship”. Employees tasked with shipping go to the Ship Orders screen in RazorCart and do the following: 1. Query all the orders that are Ready To Ship 2. Print pick tickets 3. Pick inventory and pack boxes 4. Print postage and place on box 5. Ship box
Shipped - After the order has been shipped the order status should be changed to “Shipped”.
Picked Up - Picked Up indicates the order is complete and the customer has picked up all the products on their order.
Cancelled - The Cancelled status can be used by the store admin to cancel an order. Orders can be cancelled for a number of reasons including; Declined payment, fraud, customer information not valid, etc.
Incomplete - If you have configured your cart for real time credit card or eCheck using a payment gateway and the transaction is declined by the gateway the order will be saved with an “Incomplete” status.
On Hold - Orders can be placed in an On Hold status if you want to hold the order for any reason including; waiting for payment, waiting to verify customer etc.
Back Ordered - Should be used when a customer has placed an order for a product that is temporarily out of stock.
Returned - Returned means the customer has given or shipped the product back and has received a refund. 
To add, remove or change order statuses edit the file located here \DesktopModules\RazorCart\Core\Content\Data\OrderStatus.xml

Shipping Details

In the shipping details section, click on the edit button in order to modify the customer's shipping address, shipping method or tracking number.

Adding an Item to an Existing Order

You can add items to an existing order from the Manage Order Details Screen. 


You will be required to enter the following details:
The item will now be added to the order details:

Adding a Payment to an Existing Order

You can add a payment to the order by opening the payments tab at the top of the order details and clicking the Add Payment button.
The new payment amount will automatically calculate the difference from what has been paid previously and any new items you added to the order. If there is no payment associated with this order, the full total will be calculated in the amount field. This field is editable if you would like to accept a partial payment or split the payment between 2 cards. 
Then, you will need to select how to process the payment. You can choose to use the payment gateway, or to manually process. 
Selecting manual gives you the ability to put in the transaction ID, authorization code or any notes that are important for this payment record. 

Adding a Note to an Existing Order

You can add a note to the order by opening the Notes tab at the top of the order details and clicking the Add Note button.
Notes are a great way of keeping track of any information that should be stored with an order, such as a customer request, modification or any internal customer service notes. Simply type your note into the box and click the Add button.
The note will now be displayed in the Notes tab of the order details.
When you are ready to ship an item, click here to learn about creating shipments.
You now have all of the tools you need to manage orders in your store! If you have any questions, please Contact Us.

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