REST API EndPoints

A) Enabling REST API


B) Obtaining Authorization

1. Implicit Grant

2. Resource Owner Password Credentials Grant


C) Requesting JSON Payload

1. Using Orders EndPoints:

API EndPoint Description
ListOrders Lists all orders
GetOrder Retrieve an order by the ID
CreateOrder Create a new order
UpdateOrder Update an order information
DeleteOrder Delete an order by the ID
UpdateOrderStatus Update the status of an order
ListOrderItems Lists an order purchased items
GetOrderItem Retrieve an order purchased item by ID
CreateOrderItem Create a purchased item for an order
DeleteOrderItem Delete an order purchased item
ListOrderPayments Lists an order received payments
GetOrderPayment Retrieve an order payment by ID
CreateOrderPayment Create a payment for an order

2. Using Customers EndPoints:

API EndPoint Description
ListCustomers Lists all customers
GetCustomer Retrieve a customer by the ID
CreateCustomer Create a new customer
UpdateCustomer Update a customer information
DeleteCustomer Delete a customer by the ID

3. Using Products EndPoints:

API EndPoint Description
ListProducts Lists all products
GetProduct Retrieve a product by the ID
CreateProduct Create a new product
UpdateProduct Update a product information
DeleteProduct Delete a product by the ID
ListProductImages Lists a product images
ListProductVariants Lists a product variants
ListProductVariantConditionals Lists a product variant conditional groups

4. Using Payments EndPoints:

API EndPoint Description
ListPayments Lists all payments
GetPayment Retrieve a payment by the ID
CreatePayment Create a new payment
UpdatePayment Update a payment information
DeletePayment Delete a payment by the ID
CreatePaymentImage Create a payment images/signature
GetPaymentImage Retrieve a payment images/signature

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