Change the Number of Products Displayed


In an ideal world all of the products would show up or be scrollable on this page without having to use the navigation buttons. How do I get a longer list of products to display on the first page?


By default the Product Listing page displays 10 Products unless otherwise configured. The following options all you to change the number of Products displayed on the Product Listing Page.

  1. You can enter custom Record Dropdown Values by using the "Record Dropdown Values" in the Store Settings. For example, to change the default to 20, enter something like 20,40,60,80 etc.which will display 20 listings on each page.

    The Records Dropdown Values setting is located in the Store Settings under the Product Listing Page section.

  2. The Records Selector options "Show All Products on Single Page" and "Show All Products on Single Page with Categories" will all enable all to be displayed on one page and the records dropdown at the top of the catalog will be hidden and the navigation controls at the bottom will be hidden.

    The Records Selector setting is enabled in the Store Settings under the Product Listing Page section.

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