Enabling REST API

RazorCart allows you to integrate any Desktop, Web or Mobile Application to connect to your e-commerce site using the RESTful API Service. By requesting the REST API EndPoints you can retrieve, update or delete data within your portal/site.
To enable using the REST API you will only need to login as an Administrator and create an API Client Key, this key will be used to obtain authorization request and generate a JSON Web Token (JWT) using the oAuth 2.0 Basic Access Authentication method.
From the Admin Menu in your DNN portal, select RazorCart admin console
Select the API Keys tab under Store setup on the left hand side.
On the RESTful API Setup screen click the Add API Key button
Type a title for the API key and if you are going to use the Implicit Grant method make sure the Application Url is where you are going to call the Authorization Service from, and the Callback Url is where your application will receive and handle the access token, if both are the same type in the same url in both fields. If you are going to use the Resource Owner Password Credentials Grant leave these two fields same as your website url, and click the Save button.
The generated Client ID now can be used to obtain authentication and request the JWT access token, to revoke this key simply click the remove icon and confirm removing the API Key.
Note that removing the key will prevent any future authentication request and will revoke all the previously requested JWT access token(s) using this key.

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