Email Templates

Email Templates allow you to manage the content and subject of the emails that are automatically sent from your store.

Add a New Email Template

To start managing your email templates, navigate to the Admin Menu in your DNN portal, and select RazorCart admin console:
You will be taken to the dashboard of your store. 
Select the Email tab under Templates on the left hand side:
Click the "Add Template" button to add a new email template:
The following screen will be displayed:

The following fields are available:

Type – The Email Type setting selects what type of Email Template will be configured.

Name – The name of the email template

If a Store Email Template is being configured, the Template Name field will be displayed as a dropdown with the following options:

  • User Email Template
  • Admin Email Template

Select a Language – The Select a Language dropdown, lists the Languages currently configured on your DNN portal.

Subject – Enter the Subject you would like to be used when sending the email. The Subject should be a short summary of its contents.



Template - The default email templates are automatically populated, however you can also add custom messages, links, tokens, and your store logo. 



After you have entered all your email template details click the save button to save your new email template.

Email Template Tokens

The following tokens can be entered in the Email Templates to customize the email message.

Please Note: [ORDERID], [ORDERDATE], [ORDERTOTAL], [FIRSTNAME] and [LASTNAME] tokens can be used in the email subject.

Order/Ship Confirmation Email Tokens
Token Name Description
Order Header Tokens
[ORDERDATE] Date of Order
[ORDERSTATUS] Order Status
[COUPONCODE] Coupon used on order.
Customer Tokens
[USERNAME] Customer’s Username
[FIRSTNAME] Customer’s First Name
[LASTNAME] Customer’s Last Name
[COMPANYNAME] Company Name
[EMAIL] Customer’s Email Address
[PHONE] Customer’s Phone. Primary phone collected during checkout.
Shiping Info Tokens
[SHIPPINGADDRESS] Customer’s Shipping Address entered during checkout. Includes the following customer ship to fields;  First Name, Last Name, Address1, Address2, City, State ,Postal Code, Country, Step1 Custom TextBox (if entered during checkout)
[SPECIALINSTRUCTIONS] Special Instructions entered by the user on the user on the confirmation status page.
[SHIPMETHOD] Shipping method selected by user during checkout.
[SHIPDATE] The date the order shipped. The ship date can be entered in the manage order details screen or can be imported from shipping or ERP system.
[TRACKINGNUMBER] The ship tracking number associated with the order. The ship tracking number can be entered in the manage order details screen or can be imported from shipping or ERP system.
Bill To Tokens
[BILLINGADDRESS] Customer’s Billing Address entered during checkout. Includes the following customer bill to fields; First Name, Last Name, Address , City, State ,Postal Code, Country,  Payment Type (i.e. Credit Card, Check, PO, Bill Me Later, etc.)
[ACCOUNTNUMBER] The credit card number, eCheck number or Purchase Order Number entered by the user during checkout.
[ROUTINGNUMBER] Applies to eCheck and Check payment methods only. Collected on the step 2 checkout page.
[BANKNAME] Applies to the Internet Banking payment method only. The Merchant Bank Name field is entered in the BuyNow module settings and displayed to the user on the step 2 checkout page.
[PONUMBER] The Purchase Order Number entered by the user during checkout.
Order Line Item Detail Token
[ORDERDETAILS] Displays line item details of the products purchased by the user. Includes the following line item information; Product SKU, Product Name, Serial Number, Unit Cost, Quantity, Line Item Total, Download Link (if downloadable product), Custom Web Service Data (if exist)
Order SubTotal Tokens
[SUBTOTAL] Order subtotal amount.
[SUBTOTALS] Order subtotal fields. Includes the following; Subtotal, Deposit Amount (if exists), Discount Amount, Shipping, Handling, Tax, Surcharge, Order Total, Balance
[DISCOUNTAMOUNT] Order discount amount.
[SHIPPINGTOTAL] Full shipping cost of the order
[HANDLINGCHARGE] The handling amount that was charged to the order
[TAXTOTAL] Full tax amount on the order
[ORDERTOTAL] Total order amount.
You now have all of the tools to set up email templates in your store. If you have any questions, please Contact Us.

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