Paypal Website Payments Standard and IPN

If you use PayPal Website Payments Standard, when your customer checks out they will be directed to a page that allows them to log into their PayPal account or pay by credit card without having to sign up for a PayPal account. 
Before you can use PayPal Website Payments Standard you need to sign up for a PayPal account. 
Create a PayPal personal or business account at PayPal.  We recommend you create a business account in order to keep your personal and business PayPal accounts separate. Opening a business account is preferable because it allows you to use a business name on the PayPal checkout pages and in theory allows you to keep your private name separate. Presenting a business name to customers will help build customer confidence.  Additionally, a PayPal business account will allow you to configure a return URL which is required for proper configuration in the RazorCart.
Go through the approval process to verify your account. This will require a bank account and correct contact information.  You can contact PayPal customer service if you have questions here.

Configuring the return URL at PayPal

  1. Go to the PayPal website and login to your personal or business account.
  2. Select Profile menu (Click on Profile link)
  3. Under Selling preferences, select website Payment Preferences
The following the screen will be displayed:
  1. Click the “Auto Return” radio button to “On”
  2. Enter the “Return URL” of your website home page.  See Figure above.

Configuring RazorCart Module Settings

Gateway – Choose "PayPal Website Payments Standard" from the dropdown box under the “Gateway Setup” section in your RazorCart module settings.
Merchant Email (Required) – Enter your PayPal email address you created when you signed up with PayPal.
Merchant Logo URL (Optional) – Enter the path to your company logo. Your company logo will show up on the PayPal checkout screen as the user checks out on PayPal.

PayPal Instant Payment Notification (IPN)

IPN is a service which allows your store to receive notifications from PayPal when a customer completes a purchase. When an order is started in your store and completed on the PayPal website, the order information will be communicated back to your store via IPN. Because IPN is asynchronous, your store will receive the notification even if the customer doesn’t click the Return to Merchant link on PayPal’s website.  RazorCart has an IPN handler in the checkout module so make sure that the page with the checkout module has public permission set.  If the page or checkout module require login the IPN will not be able to communicate the response back to RazorCart.
Your store is now set up to receive IPN messages from PayPal. When an IPN has been processed the order details will be saved. You can view this information by clicking on the Payment History button in your store Admin Menu.

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