Module Installation

Our modules are delivered as a standard DNN installable zip or PA (Private Assembly). You install the module just like you would install any other DNN module.

Note:  Before installing any module it’s a good idea to back up your DNN database and DNN installation folder. This is very important, as you can always roll back to previous status easily if installation goes wrong.

Take the following steps to install the module:

Step 1 – Navigate to the Extensions

  1. Log in to your DNN site using a Host account or an administrator account with module upload permissions.
  2. From the DNN host menu, select Extensions to install the module. You can reach Module Extensions from the Host menu as shown in the figure below.


Step 2 – Install New Module

Install the new module from the Host -> Modules menu in DNN.

On the Extensions screen, click Install Extension Wizard button.


Step 3 – Browse the ZIP File

Remember the place where you saved the module ZIP file you downloaded? Then browse it.



Step 4 – Pick the file

After you chosen your install package file, choose it and click the Open button.



Step 5 – Add the File

The file will be displayed in the Filename box. Confirm the correct file is selected then click the Next button.



Step 6 – Package Information page

The next page you will be taken to is the Package Information page which displays more info about the Install Package you selected. Click the Next button to continue.



Step 7 – Release Notes

After the Package Information Page you will be taken to the Release Notes page to view any release notes available for the module. Click the Next button to continue.



Step 8 – Review License

After the Release Notes page you will see the Review License page to review the License Agreement, check the “Accept License” checkbox to accept, and then click the Next button to continue.



Step 9 – Module Installed

If you do not see any error messages, it means that the module is installed correctly. Click the Return link to continue.



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