What is the Difference Between RazorCart and SmithCart?

RazorCart is a brand-new eCommerce platform built from the ground up using all of the latest technology. We decided to move in a new direction with the approach we took with RazorCart. Over the years, we built custom feature after custom feature into SmithCart and as a result, it got kind of bloated. As the technology changed, we realized that we needed to change too.
RazorCart is built using all of the latest technology:
  • MVC
  • Razor
  • AngularJS
  • Web API
  • Bootstrap
RazorCart is fully extensible so we no longer have to modify the core software for custom feature requests. It uses Web API and an Action Delegate Pipeline to inject code into the flow so the checkout can work however you need it to. It is fully templatable using viewsets. The best part is that while we offer consulting and custom programming, any of our customers that are (or have) developers can make changes themselves, with no Source Code required.
RazorCart requires DNN 8.03 and above.

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