Category Import & Export

The Category Import allows you to import new categories or update existing products from an CSV file.  A good way to start the import is to enter a couple categories using the UI and then export.  Exporting gives you a good sample CSV file to work with.  When importing your categories the program will lookup categories by the category ID, if the category currently exists in the database the import program will update the existing category and if the category ID does not exist the import program will insert a new record in the database.  The ParentID can be a comma separated list of Category ID's to support importing multi parent categories.  A big time saver!!

Load the Admin Console

From the Admin Menu in your DNN portal, select RazorCart admin console:

You will be taken to the dashboard of your store. 

Select the Categories tab under Inventory on the left hand side.


Exporting Categories

Click the "Export" button on the manage categories page as follows:
After you click the export button and category csv file will be downloaded to your computer.

Importing Categories

Click the "Import" button on the manage products page as follows:
The following dialog box will open:
Navigate to the CSV file you want to import and select your CSV file.  Click the "Import" button to start the import.
When the import is complete, a message stating that the import was successful is displayed.


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