Upgrading from SmithCart to RazorCart

RazorCart and SmithCart are separate modules and can run side by side in the same portal.  RazorCart uses the same database and tables as SmithCart, so upgrading is easy.   This article assumes that you already have both SmithCart and RazorCart installed.  RazorCart requires DNN 8.03 and above.  You can view a full installation guide here.

Step 1 - Add a New Store

Once you have installed RazorCart, Navigate to the DNN Admin Menu and select RazorCart Admin Console.
Once in the RazorCart Admin console, you will want to create a new store:
The first store you create will have StoreID = 1.  If you are not sure, go to the RazorCart admin console and look at the url, it will end with the store id.  For example, “/DesktopModules/RazorCart/AdminConsole/Home/Index/1”.
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