How To: Set up SSL

Before you execute the steps below you must have an SSL certificate installed on your server. Contact your hosting to request SSL be installed on your website.

  1. Login to DNN with your host account
  2. Navigate to Admin > Site Settings
  3. Navigate to Advanced Settings > SSL Settings
  4. Check off the SSL Enabled option - Indicates an SSL Certificate has been installed for this site
  5. Check off the SSL Enforced option - When this option is set, Pages which are not marked as secure will not be accessible with SSL ( HTTPS )
  6. SSL URL (Optional) – This option is only needed if you are on a shared hosting platform. Specify a URL which will be used for secure connections for this site.
  7. Standard URL – If an SSL URL in item 6 above, you will also need to specify a Standard URL for unsecure connections (i.e. ).
  8. Click on Update to save the changes.

The steps above will configure the SSL settings for your DNN portal, next you need to indicate what pages you want SSL turned on. Pages with SSL enabled will load a bit slower than non SSL pages due to the overhead associated with the encryption so it’s recommended that you only enable SSL on pages that have sensitive information.

  1. Navigate to Admin > Page Settings
  2. Select the page you want to secure and click on Edit Selected Page
  3. Navigate to Advanced Settings > Other Settings
  4. Check off the option for Secure
  5. Click update to save the changes

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