PayPal Express

The PayPal Express payment gateway for RazorCart lets you accept payments directly onsite.

Setup and Configuration

1.  Download and install the RazorCart Paypal Express payment gateway extension
2. Login to your PayPal account and get your "Client ID".  It's important to make sure you have the correct PayPal Client ID.  Login to the PayPal site and go to "My Apps & Credentials" under "REST API apps" create app if you don't have one or click on your app name to get the Client ID.  If you are still having trouble locating your ClientID contact PayPal directly for your gateway credentials.
3.  Go to Store Setup - Payment Setup and setup a credit card payment method
4.  Select "PayPalExpress" from the gateway dropdown list
5.  Enter your "Client ID" you got from PayPal
6.  Click the "Save" button to save your changes
Please Note: PayPal Express does not require you to use SSL, as the payment processing will be handled on PayPal website and the cart will only receive/check the returned payment token.

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