Starting from ver. 1.3.1 RazorCart supports ShipWorks - a 3rd-party software that downloads orders from your online stores and helps you to get them shipped, by creating shipping labels, tracking numbers and even scheduling the carrier pickup.
Configuring ShipWorks
  1. On the online store dropdown list choose "Generic - Module" and click Next

  2. Provide a DNN username password (SuperUser or Administrator). In the Module URL provide your website along with the service path   

  3. A communication between RazorCart and Shipworks will be initiated and Shipworks will display your store information as configured in your RazorCart settings.

  4. By default ShipWorks will ask RazorCart to download the last 30-days orders, you can edit this value or select "Download all of my orders" and choose the proper settings for processing shipments, click Next and Finish
Once you have all your orders downloaded on ShipWorks you can start processing your shipments there, for more information how to use ShipWorks please visit
When you processed an order within ShipWorks app the following will be synced and updated in your online store:
  1. Order Status.
  2. Shipping Cost.
  3. Shipping Info (Date, Carrier and Method).
  4. Shipment Tracking Number.

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