Product Roles

The Product Role Setup provides the following features:

  1. Add Roles - Adds a user to one or more roles after a successful payment.
  2. Remove Roles - Remove a user from one or more roles after successful payment.
  3. Show/Hide Roles - Shows or hides a product from the catalog based on the role of the user.

To manage product roles do the following:

  1. Login as admin or host and navigate to the RazorCart admin page.
  2. Click "Inventory" on the left navigation menu.
  3. Edit your desired product
  4. On the product setup page click the "Roles" tab and you will see the following page:



Roles to Add On Checkout Complete

RazorCart allows you to select multiple roles to add a user to "on checkout complete".  The user will be placed in the roles that you choose here. All the currently defined roles in your DNN portal will be available as checkboxes.

Click the "Add Role(s)" link to expand the panel and you will see the following:

Type - This defines if and when the role will expire after it's added to the user

  • None - The role will not expire.
  • Days – Define the number of days to expire the users role after purchase. If a user is already a member of the role when they purchase the cart adds the purchased days to the end of the expiry date or the purchase date whichever is the later. If role expiration is left blank the role will not expire until you remove the role from the user.  For example, if a customer orders a 1 year subscription (example on Jan 1, 2018) their expiry date for that role will be Jan 1, 2019. If they then order a product that comes with a free 90 day subscription, on February 1, 2018 the cart will update their expiry date to April 1, 2019 which is 90 days from their current role expiry date.
  • Date - Allows you to select a specific date to expire the role on.

Effective On Add To Cart - If you check this checkbox it will change the event that roles get added on from "On Checkout Complete" to "On Add To Cart".


Roles to Remove On Checkout Complete

RazorCart allows you to select multiple roles to remove a user from "on checkout complete".  The user will be removed from the roles that you select.  Remove roles works just like add roles except it removes the user from the role instead of adding them.


Show/Hide Roles

Show/Hide roles allows you to select one or more DNN roles to show/hide products in the front end product catalog.  This includes product listing, product details and search.



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