Syncing with QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online for RazorCart is an extension that let you connects your RazorCart with your Intuit QuickBooks account. Sync your eCommerce customers/products and automatically create invoices & payments from your online orders.
Before you get started it is important to determine which authentication version your Intuit App is using, on July 17, 2017 Intuit has switched from OAuth 1.0 to OAuth 2.0, apps that were created before that might contact Intuit for the path of migrate to OAuth 2.0
After you install the extension package using the DNN module installation page, go to the RazorCart Admin-Console > Store Setup > Extensions, check the activate box next to "RazorCart.Extensions.QuickBooks" and click save, a configuration icon will appear to setup the QuickBooks extension to connect and authorize the communication with Intuit QBO REST API
To access the Extensibility Setup page click on the Admin Menu in your DNN portal, then select RazorCart Admin Console
You will be taken to the dashboard of your store. From the left-side menu go to Store Setup > Extensions
Activate the Quickbooks extension to configure its settings
From the extension setup page select the Intuit account environment (sandbox/production) and provide the OAuth 2.0 keys (client Id & client secret) and click Save
To find your Intuit OAuth keys, login to your account and from the My Apps page click the app you want keys for, click the Keys tab.
After you save the keys a Redirect URI will be displayed, this link should be added in your Intuit App Redirect URIs first
Now from the RazorCart QuickBooks Extension setup click the Connect button, this will open a popup window that will ask you to login to your Intuit account (if not logged-in) and to authorize the connection with the RazorCart QuickBooks extension.
Once you Authorize the QuickBooks OAuth connection, the extension page will be reloaded and display some required settings for QBO Product and Invoices, select the default accounts for product creation (Asset Account, Income Account & Expense Account) values. For every payment method you've created in RazorCart select the default account for both (Payment Method & Deposit To) values
Now with the OnCheckoutComplete event the extension will sync your products and automatically creates customers, invoices & payments for your QuickBooks Online account.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to use our Contact Us form, we are more than happy to help.

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