General Store Setup

The General Store Setup settings allow control of basic settings like Store Name, Country and State/Region, and Currency.
To configure general cart settings, navigate to the BuyNow module and select "Setup" from the admin menu:
Expand the "General Store Setup" section and you will see the following:


Store Name (Required) –The name or title of your store or your website

Store Country (Required) – Select the country that you operate your business from. The country dropdowns in the cart checkout will default to the country you choose here.

Store State/Region (Required) – Select the state/region that you operate your business from. Depending on which tax option you select in the tax setup section only customers in your home state/region and country will be charged tax.

Store Postal Code (Required) – Enter the postal code where you will be shipping product from. This is used in calculating shipping rates in the cart and is a required field.

Store Currency (Required) – Select the currency symbol that you want to display in the cart. The cart is programmed to dynamically generate the currency symbol using the dot net built in localization functions and will support any currency in the world.

If your required currency is not listed in the Store Currency dropdown, SmithCart supports the ability to add a new currency symbol to the store. To add a new currency symbol, see the “Add New Currency Symbol” KB article for more info.

Product Detail Page (Required) – Select the page where you have added the product detail module. This tells the BuyNow module which page to navigate to when the user clicks a product from the product listing.

Google Analytics ID – The unique id for your Google Analytics account also referred to as the web property ID or UA number.

Google Analytics – SmithCart is integrated the cart with Google Ecommerce Analytics to track purchases. Each user's transaction information is sent from the cart to the Google Analytics database as it occurs. This provides the ability to track a specific referral source to a conversion or purchase in the cart. To configure and track your sales with Google Analytics, please see the "Google Ecommerce Analytics" KB article for more information.


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