Automation with Zapier

Zapier Extension for RazorCart will allow you to integrate with Zapier and connect with 1,000+ apps available for more easier eCommerce business automation, it's all about "Zaps" -a workflow task automation that runs in background- which will fetch the new RazorCart records (Triggers) and creates another task using the new data for another different app (Actions). For example: you can create a Zap for adding any new customer's email to a MailChimp subscribers list, or generate XERO invoices for new RazorCart paid orders.
After you install the extension package using the DNN module installation page, go to the RazorCart Admin-Console > Store Setup > Extensions, check the activate box next to "RazorCart.Extensions.Zapier" and click save, a configuration icon will appear to go to the Zapier extension setup page, this page will display the current active APIs that will be used.
To access the Extensibility Setup page click on the Admin Menu in your DNN portal, then select RazorCart Admin Console
You will be taken to the dashboard of your store. From the left-side menu go to Store Setup > Extensions
Activate the Zapier extension to configure its settings
The extension setup page does not really has anything to configure since we already have build a Zapier app that will be using when making Zaps
When you click the "Make a Zap" link or by going to the Zapier website and do it from there, a Zap editor page will open, use the app search textbox to find the RazorCart app, once you select it the built-in triggers will show up, chose the desired trigger (event)
Click "Save + Continue" and you will be taken to the "Select RazorCart Account" page, this is where you will need to connect your RazorCart online store with RazorCart Zapier app, click "Connect an Account" to open the authentication popup window. Enter your website base URL and the RazorCart store ID you wish to use with this Zap, the login credentials can be for a superuser account, a user that has the Administrator role or a regular user that has at least the View Permissions to access the RazorCart Store+Customers or Store+Orders if you will be using the order triggers
Once the connected account added you can click "Save + Continue"
To be able to test with Zapier you must have at least one existed record (ex. customer). Click "Fetch & Continue" to retrieve the last created customer
If the test was success you can click "view your customer" to inspect the data were retrieved.
Now chose an Action App which you would like to do something when the RazorCart triggers a new data.
In this example I will chose to add the customer's email to a new MailChimp list.
Same as you connected with a RazorCart account, do the same to connect with an account for the Action app and click "Save + Continue"
The Action configuration will vary from app to another, here I will just select the MailChimp List and the customer's Email field for the Subscriber Email
After you configure you Action App, click "Continue" and then "Send Test" button to confirm your Zap is working as expected.
Make sure your Zap test is success, and you can also visit you Action App account to verify that you have mapped the fields correctly.
Just one more step, name your Zap and switch it on, while this Zap is on, it will automatically check for your RazorCart new customers and add their emails to a MailChimp list.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to use our Contact Us form, we are more than happy to help.

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