DNN Profile

To configure the DNN Profile settings, navigate to the BuyNow module and select "Setup" from the admin menu:
Scroll down to the "DNN Profile" section and expand the panel.


The following settings are available to be configured:

Auto Populate Checkout Pages – This setting controls how the cart attempts to auto populate the fields on the checkout pages (Cart page and Step 1 page).

Use Cookies and DNN Profile (Recommended) – This is the default and recommended setting for the cart. When selected the cart will attempt to auto populate checkout pages in the following order:

  1. Use cookie to lookup customer information in the customer table
  2. DNN Profile from currently logged on user

Use Only DNN Profile – When selected the cart will only use the DNN profile from the logged on user to auto populate the checkout pages.

Disable Auto Populate – Select this option to disable the automatic population of DNN profile information on the Cart page and Step 1 checkout pages when the user is logged in.

Cookie Timeout (Days) – Starting in cart version 3.91 the cart uses a cookie to persist the contents of the cart so if the user closes their browser and returns later the contents of their abandon cart will be automatically retrieved. The cookie timeout value allows you to configure the number of days before the cookies expire and the user’s cart is automatically retrieved. Enter zero if you don’t want a persistent cart. This may be useful in a scenario where users regularly share computers. Enter 365 for the cookie to expire after a year. When a user successfully checks out and purchases the content of the persistent cart will no longer be retrieved. If you don’t enter a cookie timeout value the cart defaults to 60 days.

Save DNN Profile Field – This dropdown list displays all the regular and extended DNN profiles fields defined in your portal. After successful order, if you have defined a “Save DNN Profile Field” the cart will save the designated DNN profile field to the “Smith_Orders” table. The “Save DNN Profile Field” can also be viewed in the Manage Order Details screen.

Disable DNN Profile Update – When checked disables the DNN Profile from being updated on successful checkout. When not checked the DNN Profile is updated from the shipping information entered by the user.

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