• Important: Ensure that your Elavon account is set up for “eCommerce” and not simply “Phone/Catalog”. Your Elavon rep can change this setting for you.
  • Elavon Converge is available only for accounts in North America (United States & Canada).
  • An SSL certificate is required to use Elavon.
  • Elavon requires merchants to have a “Shipping Policy” page. We’re not sure if this is required for every merchant, so we recommend having one ready on your site to share with the merchant set up team if needed.
  • Elavon allows merchants to set some fields in the transaction as “required”. However, our extension may not send all fields, so please ensure you have only enabled the fields listed here.
  • Make sure you enable tokenization in your Elavon account.


  • Download the extension by clicking here
  • In your DNN portal, login as host and from the persona bar select Extensions > Install Extension and drag and drop the zip file to the drop area.
  • Click Install and walk thru the wizard.
  • Activate your license.

Setup and Configuration

You must have an active merchant account with Elavon in order to make use of this extension. Contact Elavon’s customer support or sales if you don’t already have an account.
Your Elavon representative will provide you with your Merchant Account ID and User ID, which must be entered in the extension settings; you use these to log into your Elavon account, so they can be found on the left-hand side of your dashboard:
The final credential you need from Elavon is your account PIN. You can add or change this by going to User > Change PIN, then copying your existing PIN, or clicking “Change PIN” to set a new one. You’ll enter the generated PIN in the plugin settings as well.
  • Go to your DNN portal RazorCart admin console and select Store Setup - Payment Setup from the  left nav menu.
  • Setup a new payment method of type "Credit Card"
  • Select "ElavonCheckout" from the gateway dropdown list
  • Enter your gateway credentials you received from Elavon
Finally, click save to save your changes.

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