To load the RazorEvent settings, login as admin and go into edit mode on the page with the RazorEvents module.  In the upper right corner on the module hover the gear icon and select settings as shown in the following screen shot:
After you click "Settings", the settings screen will be displayed.  From the settings screen, click the "Razor Booking and Events Settings" tab as follows:
Enable RazorCart Integration - Check this box to enable RazorCart integration.  If you want to allow users to sign up for an event or sell tickets to an event you will need to enable the RazorCart integration.  When RazorCart integration is enabled the following 2 things happen:
1.  When you add a new event and click save a RazorCart product will be created.  When you edit an event and save the RazorCart product will be updated.
2.  The RazorCart product details page will be used instead of the RazorEvents details page.  This will allow users to sign up and purchase tickets for events.
Store ID - Select your RazorCart Store ID.  
Product Details Page - Select your RazorCart product details page.
Enable Google Maps - Check this box to enable Google Maps to be displayed on the event details page.  The address of your event location is used to display the map.  Please Note: if you check "Enable RazorCart Integration" the Google Map is not displayed because the user is taken to the RazorCart product details page.
Default View - select the default view for the calendar; Month, Day, Week, List.
Calendar Height - Select the height in pixels for the calendar.  The default height is 800 pixels.

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